Sport Instructor

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”
— Mark Van Doren

The Sport Pilot CFI (CFI-Sport) represents a major breakthrough in simplifying the process of becoming an instructor: instrument and commercial requirements are waived, making it possible for a pilot to start instructing with a significant reduction in hours and money invested.

The CFI-Sport Certificate: General Aviation’s Most Exciting Opportunity.


The need for sport pilot flight instructors is growing because of the increasing popularity of the sport pilot license, and because the ranks of private, and commercial pilots wishing to operate as sport pilots is growing. The CFI-Sport license gives both low-time (150 hours) and high-time pilots (those with more flight hours than logbook pages) the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of becoming a general aviation flight instructor.

CFI vs CFI-Sport — What’s the Difference?


Up until recently all certificated flight instructors (called CFIs) were required to complete training for a commercial pilot license and an instrument rating before becoming a CFI. That training can take more than 250 flight hours and add up to thousands more spent on flight training before ever having an opportunity to earn a dollar back. But not anymore. Now there are two flight instructor certificates: the CFI and the CFI-Sport. The CFI-Sport (airplane) certificate requires only 150 hours of flight time, it does not require either a commercial pilot certificate or the instrument rating!

A Paycheck for Your “Hobby” or a Quick-start to Your Aviation Career

Becoming a CFI-Sport can help justify the expense of flying as a “hobby,” and it’s an excellent career starter if you are on your way to the airlines.

CFI-Sport — A Certificate with Plenty of Perks!

Staying “current”

Once you become a pilot, maintaining your pilot currency is important but sometimes easier said than done. With the expense of aircraft rental going up everyday, staying on top of your piloting skills and getting paid to do what you love are just two of the many great perks that comes with becoming a flight instructor.

Good career starter for airline bound pilots

Becoming a CFI-Sport allows you to be paid as a flight instructor and earn valuable PIC time while you are still obtaining other certificates and ratings!

Never a dull moment

If your are a seasoned pilot, ensconced in a non-flying career, or maybe even getting a tad bored with flying, becoming a CFI-Sport will benefit your knowledge and skill, and let you give back to general aviation in a meaningful way. Besides, there is NEVER a dull day in flight instructing.

Requirements for the CFI-Sport (Airplane)

Minimum Requirements – Aeronautical Experience – Airplane Single Engine Land

150 hours –Total Time

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