“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.”
— Laozi, (Taoist philosopher, China, 4th Century B.C.)

Welcome to TakeWING — The First Step of Your Pilot Journey Begins Here!

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Start your pilot journey at TakeWING and we'll stick with you, push you, and celebrate with you all the way to the finish line and beyond. If you are considering learning to fly because you have ALWAYS wanted to become a pilot or because of the educational, life changing challenge you would regret not trying (do you really need us to give you a reason?) then you’ve come to the right place.

We offer private, sport, and instrument pilot training, aircraft rental and other specialized training. TakeWING operates aircraft with both standard and modern glass panels. We even have a full motion Redbird Flight Simulator that's so real the FAA has approved it for logging time.

TakeWING is the only Cessna Pilot Center in the Southern Willamette valley.

Soar with the best flight training program in the industry! More pilots get their wings at Cessna Pilots Centers than any other flight school.


Ten + 1 good reasons to make TakeWING your flight training school and aircraft rental club.


1 QUALITY EQUIPMENT—We do not entrust your safety to less than the best! We offer excellent aircraft equipment at very reasonable rental prices. That means we will never sacrifice your safety or  comfort to be the "cheapest" pilot school around. Nowhere is the saying, "you get what you pay for," more true than in aviation.
2 FLIGHT TRAINING PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS—You have payment options at TakeWING. We offer a guaranteed private pilot training program price for full-time students, and pay-as-you-train options for either full-time or part-time students. Plus, we can help you find flight training financing — we will gladly help you decide which payment plan or financing option is best for you and your circumstances.
3 REALISTIC SCENARIO BASED TRAINING COMBINED WITH OLD-FASHIONED STICK AND RUDDER SKILLS—You'll learn real airmanship along with modern decision-making and risk management skills. And, if you need recurrent training, a flight review, or an IPC, you can count on us to make even a "rusty" pilot safe again.
4 MODERN GROUND SCHOOL—We use Cessna's web based (on-line) ground school systems for sport, private, and instrument training. All Cessna courses have been certified by the FAA. You can access your course anywhere you have an Internet connection and the course materials are always up-to-date. The Cessna course includes flight-training videos and lab-style course work. FAA Handbooks and other required reading materials are included as digital files, along with the FAA test preparation software with practice exams so you can study for and pass your FAA knowledge test
5 AVOID TRAINING GAPS—Consistent practice and training is important that's why when you train at TAKEWING you will have the use of our sophisticated, full motion FAA approved Redbird flight simulator. Flight simulators help pilots prepare and practice for the real thing for far less than the cost of renting an airplane. Using our Redbird FMX Full Motion Flight Simulator means you can practice VFR and IFR maneuvers and procedures anytime (with or without your flight instructor). That means, you won't have to experience gaps in your training due to bad weather, aircraft mechanical delays, or scheduling conflicts. Plus, you'll be able to train for engine and system failures along with experiencing weather decision-making scenarios that you would never attempt to practice in a real airplane—you can even PAUSE the flight to gather your thoughts and make sense of the situation.
6 SMALL IS BIG—Don't be fooled by our company's small size or the size of the Creswell Airport.  At TakeWING you get individualized attention from career flight instructors. We operated from the Creswell Airport because it's an ideal airport — not too busy and just a short distance from the Eugene Airport. That means you get the benefit of learning in both uncongested and congested airspace without the extra costs associated with being based at the Eugene Airport.
7 YOUR SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR CONCERNTakeWING Aviation Club provides its members with aircraft rental insurance (liability and damage). We also provide continuing education seminars and publish a monthly Training Tips newsletter. When you join TakeWING you'll be expected to maintain better than average currency to fly our aircraft.
8 ESTABLISHED BUSINESS—We have been based at the Creswell Airport since 1994. TakeWING's membership director, owner, and chief flight instructor is Dorothy Schick. Dorothy is a University of Oregon graduate (Geology), a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), an FAA safety advisor (FAASTeam), and she writes for the Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Association Flight School Business News. We are happy to provide you with a long list of customer references and give you a tour of our facilities.
9 TRAINING FLEXIBILITY—Learning at our FAA Part 61regulated flight school gives you training flexibility. Flexibility in scheduling individual flight lesson times to match your busy life style, while providing you with more individualized and personal, one student-one teacher instruction. This is especially important if you have a full-time job and can't commit to a regular Monday thru Friday weekday program. That's why many aviation career-minded and recreational flyers choose to enroll at our school.
10 YEAR ROUND OPPERATIONS and DEDICATED INSTRUCTORS— TakeWING operates year round with dedicated employees. You can start learning to fly Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall—we are here for you all the way to the finish-line and beyond. Find out more about us.

Plus 1 . . . What we really mean is, whether you begin or continue your pilot journey at TakeWING, we'll take care of you in ways that can't be put into words!

By becoming a pilot you'll be embarking on a journey with many twists, turns, personal challenges, and achievements. When you join us at TakeWING you'll learn the art and craft of flying from our team of highly experienced flight instructors. We are committed to understanding your unique learning style, to your safety, and to helping you enjoy a lifetime of piloting experiences.

Recent TakeWING Pilot Milestones.

Recent Pilot Certifications: Doug McGirr (8/27/14), Dr. Stephen McGirr (3/18/14), Casey Barkan (8/28/13), Scott Kinney Private Pilot (7/16/13)